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Regina's Story - Dr. Rama Announces this year's Annual Fundraiser.

For Regina…

“Sanctuary House was a true bright spot in my sister Regina’s hard life. That’s why I had decided to share her story as a sponsored memoir. I will be writing one page at a time in exchange for a donation to Sanctuary House. This story is dedicated to the life and memory of my sister, Regina, who was taken from this world too soon due to our collective failure to understand, manage and treat mental illness. Her story is the reason I live the life I do now. In time, I hope her story becomes the reason many, many others live the lives they were promised, creating and inspiring generations of stories we have yet to tell.

I offer Regina’s story to you as it comes, raw and unfinished. Just as her life was.”

~ Dr. Christina Rama



If you are interested in supporting Dr. Rama, she has set up a Facebook Fundraiser Page to collect donations this year. Facebook does not charge any fees, therefore 100% of the donations will go straight to Sanctuary House (Link Below). You may also donate directly to Sanctuary House by clicking the support us button above and then selecting “Make a General Donation” PLEASE INDICATE: RAMA FUNDRAISER in purpose section.

ALL FUNDS RECEIVED for Dr. Rama’s Campaign will go into the Sanctuary House Endowment Fund.

Who We Are

Sanctuary House is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the rehabilitation of adults living with mental illness. Members do not live at Sanctuary House but use it as a base of community support. Each day, members and staff work closely together to learn new skills, build confidence, gain a greater sense of independence and pride, and prepare for a purposeful and rewarding life.

Mission Statement

The mission of Sanctuary House is to facilitate the recovery and rehabilitation of adults with serious mental illness in Guilford County so that they may achieve and sustain satisfying, meaningful roles and lives in the community.

What We Do

What We Do

Sanctuary House provides both on-site and off-site services including psychosocial rehabilitation, supported education, supported employment, transitional employment and outpatient services.

A Sweet Success! Bakery

The Bakery helps members develop work and life skills, while providing high quality desserts for the community, increasing awareness of mental illness, and providing income for Sanctuary House.


Our organization would not exist without the support of donors like you! Mental illness can affect anyone – no matter age, race, religion or income. Please consider a financial contribution today!

How to Become a Member

For membership inquiries, please call our Intake/Referral Department at (336) 275-7896 Ext. 103. Monday through Friday, 8:00 am to 4:00 pm, EST. Click the button below for details.

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