Supported Employment

The supported employment program is a person-centered, individualized, evidence-based support service that helps members choose, acquire, and maintain competitive employment in our community. This service supports the varying needs of individuals and promotes community inclusion and employment success. Members enrolled in the supported employment program can expect the following: 

  • Development of an individual career plan
  • Community based job placement
  • Job shadowing
  • Job development
  • On-site job training
  • Educational goal planning and support

Employment and Education at Sanctuary House
Supported Education

Supported education helps our members receive the education and training they need to achieve their learning and recovery goals. This will assist members with becoming gainfully employed in the job or career of their choice. The program includes assistance with:

  • Registering for disability accommodations
  • Enrolling in school and registering for classes
  • Learning communication skills
  • Scheduling tutoring sessions within your school

Sanctuary House partners with Vocational Rehabilitation to help increase the success of clients seeking employment and educational goals.

Sanctuary House Programs

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