At Sanctuary House, members work with staff to fulfill daily administrative and operational tasks. This work-ordered daily arrangement provides opportunities for members to learn new skills while interacting with others in a structured and supportive environment.

Administrative Tasks

As a non-profit, Sanctuary House staff depend on member support for daily administrative tasks including:

  • Process Sanctuary House statistics such as member attendance
  • Publish Sanctuary House newsletter which currently reaches an audience of over 900 community members
  • Manage the Sanctuary House switchboard and message center
  • Oversee member outreach program
  • Recruit and lead orientation for new members
Operational Tasks

Every day at Sanctuary House is filled with wonderful smells of delicious food prepared by members and staff. We serve both breakfast and lunch so that members have access to nutritious meals while at Sanctuary House. Lunch costs $1 and is served at noon, Monday through Friday.

Snack Bar
When the kitchen is closed, Sanctuary House provides a snack bar where members can socialize and enjoy a full range of drinks and other menu items. In the mornings, the Snack Bar hosts the clubhouse breakfast. This is currently being served for $.50. The snack bar also offers an alternative lunch menu.

Horticulture Unit
This is a critical part of Sanctuary House. Here, members and staff work to maintain the lawn and landscaping. Members and staff also work hard to keep the inside of Sanctuary House beautiful by taking care of the indoor plants. This includes maintenance of our African violet garden which is central to the Horticulture Unit. Also, the unit manages the Sanctuary House garden which provides vegetables for the food services unit.

Future Goals
Our goal is to meet the needs of the adults with mental illness in our community. An area that Sanctuary House is currently investigating is the area of housing.