Saf-Gard Safety Shoe Company recognized by Sanctuary House for continued support

Local company, Saf-Gard recognized for partnering with Sanctuary House’s job-training program.

Greensboro, NC – Sanctuary House was pleased to recognize Saf-Gard Safety Shoe Company at their annual Musical Moods fundraiser in March. Saf-Gard was recognized for partnering with Sanctuary House’s job-training program and supporting their mission to continue mental health rehabilitation and recovery services in Greensboro. Saf-Gard has partnered with Sanctuary House for 2 1/2 years and has successfully employed 5 members. Saf-Gard supervisor, Jason McEwan, notes that his employees from Sanctuary House have a work ethic and determination like no other. “Cliff (Sanctuary House member and Saf-Gard employee) sets the example of hard-work and what people should try to mimic.”

Through partnerships with local corporate and individual sponsors, Sanctuary House, the non-profit organization, is able to provide job-training & employment placement services at their “clubhouse” model adult day facility on Elm Street downtown. Sanctuary House offers day program services to adults with mental health concerns and diagnoses ranging from severe depression to schizophrenia. These services include social rehabilitation, licensed clinical therapy, job training, education & personal healthcare.

In 2002, Sanctuary House was established to provide a place of comfort, belonging and inspiration to those who experience a mental illness and has rapidly evolved into a close-knit, uniquely supportive community. Each day, members and staff work closely together to learn new skills, build confidence, gain a greater sense of independence and pride, and prepare for a purposeful, rewarding life that our members desire and undoubtedly deserve.

Saf-Gard, Safety Shoe Company, Recognized by Sanctuary House for Continued Support

“Employment Services is the foundation of our programming. Our members offer value to the community as tax paying citizens. Employers like Saf- Gard are partners in this endeavor and it’s an honor to have their trust and commitment in Sanctuary House,” says Jodi Lorenzo-Schibley, Sanctuary House Executive Director.

Sanctuary House is proud to be one of 8 clubhouse model programs in North Carolina and among 400 programs around the world. A private nonprofit (501c3), Sanctuary House provides psychosocial rehabilitation emphasizing the Fountain House Model, outpatient programming, employment and social entrepreneurial business A Sweet Success! Bakery.

Pictured: Jason McEwan, Saf-Gard Safety Shoe Co. supervisor; receiving partnership honor award from Cliff (Saf-Gard employee and Sanctuary House member) during the Sanctuary House Musical Moods fundraiser event. Also pictured, Ryan Carter, PSR Specialist Assistant, Employment Specialist at Sanctuary House.
Image credit: 48 Layers Photographer by Deno Kontoulas