Well in spite of a worldwide pandemic, Sanctuary House decided to grow our agency.

The next chapter of Sanctuary House….

This past Friday we officially became the proud new owners of a Supported Living residential facility – Hillcrest House!

This will add Residential services into our service array and it will be our hope to build on this level of programming into the future. To see this vision finally become a reality with an organization like Hillcrest House is incredible. We currently have 9 residents who love their home and community.

How did this come to be during a health pandemic? We did it with patience and systematic careful planning.

Some background…In December, many of us were deeply saddened to learn of the untimely passing of Carol Whitley, owner of Hillcrest House. Having known Carol for 18 years, we know personally her commitment to excellence and client care. Carol was a fierce advocate. Given the fact that 5 of the 9 clients living at Hillcrest are also with Sanctuary House, we worked with her and Hillcrest House regularly.

We take this purchase very seriously. It is more than adding assets to a company’s bottom line. It is taking all of our clients and those who reside at Hillcrest/Sanctuary House continually from patienthood…to personhood and beyond the diagnosis of a mental illness.

Ronnie, Carol’s husband shared with us, “I worked alongside Carol for many years with Hillcrest House. I love each past and present Hillcrest House resident and although I know that ultimately this sale is such an exciting and positive thing for Hillcrest House, it has brought me mixed emotions as the reality of my relationship with Hillcrest House will change. My deepest hope is that you will embrace this and find the same comfort I am finding….that the residents we love will remain in their home and with Sanctuary House, an organization that has the desire to continue Carol’s legacy.”