About 103 Guilford County community and business leaders traveled to Columbus, Ohio as part of a larger effort to learn more about what has made that city successful and apply new economic development ideas to the Triad.

The Greensboro Chamber of Commerce is led its “InterCity” visit to Columbus on May 10-11. The goal was to focus on alleviating poverty, city branding, entrepreneurship, talent and skills development, health and human services and university engagement.

“When you think about Ohio, the cities that you traditionally have heard so much about are Cincinnati and Cleveland,” she said. “Columbus has really emerged as a city that is transforming itself in terms of having a more diverse economic base. They have done a great job from the standpoint of engaging their colleges and universities. They are doing a great job in terms of ‘growing their own’ if you will. They have a very healthy ecosystem.”

SH was most interested with job development for it’s Employment Program and building social entrepreneurial capital through it’s A Sweet Success! Bakery for Guilford County.  SH Board of Directors provided funding to attend for SH Executive Director.

Delegates on Intercity Trip learn of Columbus’ Hot Chicken Now Social Entrepreneurial Business benefitting individuals who were formally incarcerated.